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    Welcome to the premier industrial source for Flow Control Valves in Georgia These companies offer a comprehensive range of Flow Control Valves as well as a variety of related products and services ThomasNet provides numerous search tools including location certification and keyword filters to help you refine your results

  • Rate Flow Regulator SetsBBraunUSA

    Rate Flow Regulator IV Set with 15 Micron Filter 1 non needle free Injection Site 20 drops/mL Priming Volume 14 mL Length 83 in 213 4 cm

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    Parker offers a range of air line pressure high flow and single phase regulators for instrumentation filtration refrigeration and pneumatic applications Instrumentation regulators are used in the process power oil gas and semiconductor industries to control the flow of liquids and gases with speed and precision Air regulators provide quick response and accurate pressure regulation for


    To determine the maximum flow through a regulator use either the seat orifice area formula orthe nomograph As long as there is a choked critical flow P1 = 2 x P2 at least the flow which you will find on the nomograph is the maximum flow with the valve wide open

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    The AFC is the reason Atomic regulators breathe with a comfortable natural feeling at any depth US Patent #5 678 541 Our Seat Saving Dynamic Orifice design prolongs the life of the low pressure poppet seat to maintain the crisp like new factory tuning and prevent the

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    At Gas Flow solutions innovation has been the driving force for emerging fuel carriers With a range of different gas services our Safety Shut off Valves Pressure Regulators are applicable for Hydrogen applications Our engineering team has direct contact with turbine manufacturers and is involved in test pilot projects to ensure the energy

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    Flow measurement flow control and flow sensors from Kobold Flow measurement of liquids takes place in the industry on various physical bases On one hand the flow rate of a liquid or gas can be directly determined by means of a flow sensor On the other hand it can be controlled and monitored by a measuring transducer

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    SLM seal water flow meters ALARMS FOR VARIABLE AREA FLOW METERS Model NKAlarm Amplifier Alarm Sensors Open selection DISPLAYS KLD Smarttouchscreen display OVAL D2 Measuring Station CONSTANT FLOW REGULATORS Model 2851

  • Flow Meters Oil Lubrication Systems Water in Oil

    2 days ago Kytola Instrument creates products for flow meter pressure oil lubrication and water in oil challenges In industries such as pharmaceuticals oil and gas pulp and paper mining steel chemicals medical devices analytical instrumentation and OEM Kytola provides a broad array of ISO certified flow products Our meters and oil lubrication devices consistently rank at the top of their

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    Point of use regulators designed to provide constant and maximum flow rates at outlets such as taps and showers etc irrespective of changes in demand or water pressure fluctuations between 1 Bar10 Bar unless otherwise stated below Benefits Large water savings and also by reducing the amount of hot used you can achieve large energy savings

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    AP Tech also known as Advanced Pressure Technology is a manufacturer of gas handling componentsprimarily pressure regulators and valves AP Tech s forte is products to deliver specialty gases for high purity through ultra high purity applications Starting from the source vessel to point of use and into the process tool or equipment

  • ATRIAL FLOW REGULATOR AFR OcclutechPerfecting

    The Atrial Flow Regulator AFR is a cardiac implant designed to address the unmet medical needs of patients suffering from heart failure HF despite optimal medical therapy The Company has over 10 years of experience in the making and use of Nitinol based cardiac implants and has developed the AFR to provide an innovative minimally invasive

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    99118 Demand Flow Regulator 64265 Tubing with 6mm Push Fit Connector Automatic Bump Calibration ABC 64051 Manual Bump Kit no power required c/w Combi Test Gas 99146 Direct Flow Regulator tubing sample line connector QBK 4M9 Combi Gas EcoBump Kit Manual Bump Field Calibration Kits 99146 Combi Test Gas Cylinder 2 5 CH 4

  • Flow regulator isolation valve 15mmFreeflush Water

    15mm combined flow regulating isolating valve with integral flow regulator Range of flow rates available Ensuring constant flow irrespective of water pressure between 1 and 8 bar If you require the insert only please see here The regulators are unmarked the colour of the insert represents the flow

  • Flow Meter Ultrasonic for Liquid ES FLOW Bronkhorst

    Products We offer the widest product range of low flow mass flow meters on the market Numerous styles of both standard and bespoke instruments can be offered for applications in laboratory machinery industry and hazardous areas

  • How to Read a Regulator Flow CurveSwagelok

    A flow curve illustrates a regulator s performance in terms of outlet pres sure and flow rate Flow is not controlled by the regulator It is con trolled downstream by a valve or flow meter The curve shows you how a regulator will respond as flow in the system changes Look at the top curve in Figure 1 The curve starts at 400 psig This is the

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    TESCOM HV 3500 Series Hydrogen Onboard Regulator The HV 3500 is designed for use onboard industrial commercial light and heavy duty hydrogen fuel cell vehicles The device offers consistent pressure and continuous flow in a variety of operating conditions VIEW PRODUCT TESCOM ER 5000 Electropneumatic Controller

  • Pressure RegulatorsPlast O Matic Valves Inc

    UltraPure Regulators/Elastomer Free Series UPR Downstream pressure reducing valve features non shutoff elastomer free design pressure will equalize in a no flow condition and the ultimate purity levels as verified by independent test labs BCF spigots flare sanitary and other connection types available 1/4″2″ or 2063mm sizes choice of Kynar 740 or PTFE body

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    Pressure Regulators Air regulators provide quick response and accurate pressure regulation for the most demanding industrial air preparation applications Parker offers a range of miniature economy compact standard hi flow and pilot operated regulators to meet a range of service needs Pressure Regulators Products from parker include

  • Pressure Regulators ArchivesAP Tech

    Pressure regulators which provide two step pressure reduction by having two single stage regulators combined in a common body Two models are available which meet most requirements for two stage regulators A two stage regulator is an integrated unit as opposed to two separate single stage regulators in series which also provide two stage

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    Fluid Flow Products and our family of companies offer best in class compressed air and fluid processing expertise products and service We apply our compressed air and fluid management knowledge to every industrial process solution we recommend and we provide the productsand the peopleneeded to help your operation run more efficiently safely and sustainably

  • IV Sets with Flow RegulatorB Braun

    IV Sets with Flow Regulator Exadrop Not all products are registered and approved for sale in all countries or regions Indications of use may also vary by country and region Please contact your country representative for product availability and information Product

  • Specialty Gas Equipment The Harris Products Group

    The Harris products Group Specialty Gas Equipment and Gas Distribution Group was founded to provide complete solutions to customer s special gas handling requirements The breadth of this product line is used in pharmaceutical chemical processing research and development as well as biotechnology All Harris specialty gas regulators are assembled and tested in a Class 10 000 cleanroom to

  • Dole Valves Flow Control Regulators Save Big Mathews

    Dole Valves G Series GA 3/8 Brass Flow Regulator 3/8″ Flow Regulator 30 28 17 68 Show details Dole Valves G Series GB 1/2 Brass Flow Regulator 1/2″ Flow Regulator 35 21 17 60 Show details Dole Valves G Series GB SSGB 1/2 Stainless Steel Flow Regulator 1/2″ Stainless Steel Flow Regulator 333 74 100 12

  • Standard Demand Flow RegulatorSGI

    Demand Flow Regulator is used mainly for docking stations and regulator is set to open only under vacuum of 3 inch water column which gives a flow rate of 0 3 L/Mn The regulator comes in both standard C10 connection and High Pressure NPT connection

  • Dole Valves G Series GA 3/8 Brass Flow Regulator

    Related products Sale Dole Valves G Series GT 1 1/2″ MIPT Flow Regulator 150 05 45 02 Dole Valves Upper Assembly Zone Valve Repair Kit ZVS 1 99 84 Dole Valves Key Air

  • Flow Meter Flow Measurement Systems CS Instruments

    In order to meet various standards the reference conditions can be set directly on the display of each flow meter Thus our reliable flow meters provide consumption and flow measurement within the individual standard our customers wish to use them Our philosophy is to help our customers finding the products that exactly meet with their needs

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    Insurance Product Filings Product Rate Review The Insurance Product Filings are reviewed by the Insurance Product Review Division The division is comprised of the Property Casualty and Life Health sections Life and Health Section Forms

  • Air Pressure Regulators ControlAir

    Precision Regulators offer accuracy and sensitivity while General Purpose Regulators offer greater economy and efficiency Air Filter Regulators are considered a vital air preparation device when it comes to protecting your sensitive downstream equipment Each category includes regulators in various sizes materials and pressure ranges

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    3359 MicroMATE Preset Flow RegulatorSS 3370 Series Micro VOC RegulatorsStainless Steel 3396 Single Stage High Purity Absolute Pressure RegulatorBrass 3420A High Purity Line RegulatorBrass 3430A High Purity Line RegulatorSS 3450 High Purity/High Flow 0 6 Cv Line RegulatorSS

  • GO RegulatorInstrumentation Components

    GO RegulatorInstrumentation Components HOME PRODUCTS Pressure Regulators Back Pressure BP 3Adjustable back pressure regulator Cv 0 2 BP 6High flow back pressure regulator Cv 3 00 BP 60High pressure back pressure regulator Maximum 2000 psig BP 66High pressure back pressure regulator Maximum 10 000 psig

  • GS750HF Gascon Systems Dual Stage High Flow Regulator

    GS750HF Gascon Systems Dual Stage High Flow Regulator The GS750HF range of regulators offers constant pressure benefits of a two stage regulator It has a high outlet flow capacity not found in many dual stage regulators The flow capacity can be up three times that of the C750 regulator range of regulators

  • Fixed Flow Regulator CGA 600Paramount Gas Products

    Product Description Fixed Flow Regulator Maximum Inlet Pressure 500 psig 35 bar Minimum Outlet Pressure 20 psig 1 4 bar Inlet CGA 600 Outlet 3/16 Barb/4 8mm Gauge 0 500 psig/35bar For Use with 17 and 34 liter steel cylinders Product Videos


    A Not reliably The regulator will actually fluctuate greatly if the rated outlet pressure is too high It will probably allow the flow of gas but the pressure will not be stable As a rough guide regulators do not operate reliably at set pressures below 10 of the rated outlet pressure Q Will my pressure regulator control gas flow A No

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    Air Preparation Products Regulator Products Flow Charts 1/8 port 1/4 port 1 57 40 1 57 40 2 46 63 1/8 NPT Gauge Ports 2 2 92 74 0 46 12 Inches mm 100 80 60 40 20 0 2 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 =5 Relief And Flow Characteristics P3A RN91YNN 1/8 Inch Ports 100 psig 6 9 bar Primary Pressure 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35