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  • Uganda approves COVIDEXindependent ug

    Kampala Uganda THE INDEPENDENT URN COVIDEX a local herbal medicine has finally been approved by Uganda s National Drug Authority NDA as a supporting treatment for viral infections including Covid 19 The development comes a week after attempts were made to halt the distribution of the medicine that Ugandans were rushing for after several positive

  • Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agencies and Organizations

    Reference Id PHARMATUTOR ART 1316 Introduction As the pharmaceutical industries throughout the world are moving ahead towards becoming more and more competitive regulatory agencies are being established in various countries across the globe Regulatory authority and organizations are responsible in effective drug regulation required to ensure the safety efficacy and quality of drugs

  • Promoting LocaL PharmaceuticaL Production in uganda

    drugs on a sustainable basis and in progress toward achievement of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals MDGs The need for local production of essential medicines has been recognised internationally and in Uganda it has been on an upward growth over the recent years This has been facilitated by tax exemptions for imports of raw

  • Chemsex HIV Avert

    Chemsex HIV Chemsex involves using drugs to enhance often by increasing desire and reducing inhibitions The three main drugs used for chemsex are GHB mephedrone and crystal meth Each has very different mental and physical effects Chemsex can be dangerous and involves serious risks for your sexual health but you can take precautions

  • Clinical Research Regulation For Uganda ClinRegs

    Overview As per the NDPA CTReg the G CTConduct and the G TrialsGCP the National Drug Authority NDA is the regulatory authority responsible for clinical trial approval and inspections in Uganda The NDA grants permission for clinical trials to be conducted in Uganda in accordance with the provisions of the NDPA Act As stated in the NGHRP the NDA regulates safety quality efficacy

  • 985 Omni

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    Uganda Makindye Division is one of the hubs of work activity in Uganda It also has police presence its own court its own Resident State Attorney and is the location of WONETHA the leading worker organisation in Uganda Primary data was collected using face to face key informant interviews and Focus Group Discussions FGDs

  • Vital Signs Digital Health Law Update Summer 2021

    On April 16 2021 the HHS and the Food and Drug Administration FDA withdrew a January 15 2021 HHS notice that among other things would have exempted 83 class II devices and one unclassified device from premarket notification requirements under 510 k of the Food Drug and Cosmetic Act After reviewing the notice comments from within

  • The world s 10 youngest populations are all in Africa

    The world s 10 youngest populations are all in Africa A woman with a baby on her back looks on at an informal settlement Image REUTERS/Siphiwe Sibeko Niger is Africa s and the world s youngest country with a median age of just 14 8exactly half the global figure of 29 6 years And all ten of the world s youngest countries are in

  • Safety and Immunogenicity of LNP nCOV saRNA 02

    COVAC Uganda is a study that is looking at the use of an innovative self amplifying RNA saRNA vaccine LNP nCOV saRNA 02 against the virus SARS CoV 2 that causes COVID 19 and assessing the immune response in SARS CoV 2 antibody seronegative and seropositive individuals saRNA is designed to amplify the quantity of RNA upon injection to produce further antigen thereby

  • Giving Zoo Animals Psychoactive Drugs Could Soon Be

    Animals deserve our protection The New York Times article highlighted a survey that included US and Canadian zoos It found that nearly half of the 31 zoos surveyed gave their gorillas psychopharmaceutical drugs like Valium Zoos also administer psychoactive drugs to animals like polar bears ostriches and monkeys

  • CBP fields new handheld drug detectors GCN

    CBP fields new handheld drug detectors By Mark Rockwell Apr 19 2018 Electronic handheld drug detectors have already helped Customs and Border Patrol agents in Texas stop an international shipment of an illegal and potentially dangerous drug

  • Alcohol and Drug Testing Devices Draeger

    For many decades Dräger gained experience in the fields of breath alcohol and drug testing We are a world leader in the field of alcohol testing with most police forces in the world using Dräger alcohol breathalyzer evidential alcohol tester and drug testing devices For years Dräger s alcohol and drugs screening devices have helped police identify law breakers defuse confrontations

  • BfArMAbout us

    2 days ago About us The Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices Bundesinstitut für Arzneimittel und Medizinprodukte BfArM is an independent federal higher authority within the portfolio of the Federal Ministry of Health At the BfArM roughly 1 250 employees physicians pharmacists chemists biologists lawyers engineers technical assistants administrative staff etc are involved in

  • Drugs coming off patent international patents generics

    Anticipated Loss of Exclusivity LOE dates for branded drugs Unapproved DESI Drugs Upcoming 180 Day Patent Challenge Exclusivity Expirations Possibility for unrestricted generic entry on day 181 Upcoming Litigation Opportunities NCE Exclusivity Expirations

  • Authorization and Revocation of Emergency Use of Drugs

    The Food and Drug Administration FDA is announcing the issuance of an Emergency Use Authorization EUA the Authorization for a drug for use during the COVID 19 pandemic FDA issued the Authorization under the Federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Act

  • Innovate4Health mPedigree Battles Counterfeit Drugs

    A recent BBC investigation revealed a multi billion dollar global trade in counterfeit drugs resulting in 120 000 deaths a year in Africa alone And though counterfeit drugs affect economies health care systems and patients worldwide developing nations are most at risk with an estimated counterfeit rate of 10 30 of medicines sold The

  • Uganda tells ARIPO No more patents for pharmaceuticals

    Uganda has notified the African Regional Intellectual Property Organisation ARIPO that pharmaceutical inventions are not eligible for patentability in the country Managing IP reported With this notification Uganda is exercising one of the TRIPS flexibilities specific for least developed country members of the World Trade Organization that allows them not to grant or enforce pharmaceutical

  • Explore further

    PDF Uganda National Guidelines for Research Involving academia eduUNCST Application for Permission to Conduct Researchresearch uncst go ugNAT ONAL GU DEL NES FOR RESEARCH NVOLV NG HUMANS AS research ciu ac ugRecommended to you based on what s popular Feedback

  • Uganda Homeless Children Face Violence Exploitation

    Uganda has also signed a number of regional and international child protection conventions and has put in place a legal framework designed to protect children s rights including those of street

  • Unidose UDS Systems Aptar

    Aptar Pharma s Unidose UDS systems are ready to use one step nasal drug delivery devices that deliver a precise single dose quickly easily and reliably Available for both liquid and powder formulations our UDS systems are designed to enable the systemic delivery of drugs without the need for injection or administration by a healthcare professional

  • Laws and Regulations Radiation Emitting Products FDA

    Laws and Regulations Radiation Emitting Products The Radiation Control provisions originally enacted as the Radiation Control for Health and

  • Crime Prevention UNjobs

    National Consultant to Conduct a Study on Youth Crime Prevention in Uganda Kampala Uganda preventive actions UNODC ROEA will establish partnerships with different stakeholders in Uganda for youth empowerment crime prevention and the development of alternative livelihoods This will include researching youth crime prevention UNODCOffice on Drugs and Crime

  • Uganda National Guidelines for Tuberculosis Infection

    In Uganda like the rest of the world the interaction between TB and HIV has not only increased the burden of both diseases amongst our people but has also led to an urgent need to control the transmission of TB and HIV The emergence of Multi drug resistant TB

  • Vaginal Ring With Drug Lowers H I V Rates in African

    A dapivirine ring inserted vaginally was the subject of two studies on H I V prevention that included more than 4 500 African women Overall infection rates were reduced

  • Bidose BDS System Aptar

    Aptar Pharma s Bidose BDS device is a two shot robust primeless easy to use system offering one handed actuation and precise nasal drug delivery Available for liquid formulations our BDS is designed to enable the systemic delivery of drugs without the need for injection or administration by a

  • Human Research Protection Program

    IRB #2 Registration #IRB typically reviews Clinical Trials involving drugs biologics and devices FDA regulated research Biomedical and Exercise studies involving children and/or patient populations and some nutritional studies Be sure to allow appropriate time for HSO staff to prepare submissions for review by the IRB

  • Mass Vehicle Tracking Personal Security and Privacy

    By Rahman a A few days ago Ugandan news media was awash with stories of Government of Uganda awarding a contract to a Russian company to install tracking devices in all public and private vehicles in the country The contract will run

  • Needle Shields Aptar

    Aptar Pharma is the global leader in elastomeric Rigid Needle Shields RNS Our patented RNS and Needle Shields NS are used by all leading glass manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies for their Pre Filled Syringe PFS and Auto injector developments Part of our comprehensive range of high quality PFS components we provide safe complete solutions for your injectable developments

  • Examining the official and unofficial translation rules

    Trademarks are the main form of IP right in Cape Verde To date 4 355 trademark applications have been advertised in the IP Bulletin Applicants with the highest number of trademark applications in the country originate from

  • Contact Us Aptar CSP Technologies Product Protection

    Expert representatives at Aptar CSP Technologies are available to field your questions about our innovative product and packaging solutions

  • Prof Ogwang sued over patent rights for CovidexDaily

    Prof Patrick Ogwang has been sued before the High Court in Kampala for claiming ownership of Covidex a herbal drug used as a supportive treatment for Covid 19 The Covidex producer has been sued

  • Vaginal Ring With Drug Lowers H I V Rates in African

    A dapivirine ring inserted vaginally was the subject of two studies on H I V prevention that included more than 4 500 African women Overall infection rates were reduced

  • Wildlife and Forest CrimeOffice on Drugs and Crime

    Wildlife and Forest Crime Preventing and tackling wildlife and forest crime is essential for sustaining all life on Earth On land and under water nature is under threat because of poaching and over exploitation Organized crime and corruption are among the many drivers of biodiversity loss Addressing them requires targeted action and

  • Men Increasingly Reporting GBV Cases Say Police

    The Department of Child and Family Protection Unit in the Uganda Police Force has revealed that men are increasingly reporting cases of domestic violence which the law enforcement body says is a positive development towards reducing family related crimes in the country This was revealed by SSP Maureen Atuhaire the Ag CP Family and Child

  • Drug abuse preventionOffice on Drugs and Crime

    Schools Schools have been an important setting for UNODC to reach many children and adolescents with prevention activities Evidence based drug education based on life skills that offer personal social resistance and communication skills as well as information about the short term effects of drugs through a series of session offered by trained teachers