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    The 2006 Economic And Product Market Databook For Apia Western SamoaPhilip M Three Little KittensTanya Linch Man Maid MischiefBarbara Van Kampen The house of Cockburn of tha ilk and the cadets thereof With historical anecdotes of the times in which many of the name played a conspicuous part Thomas H Cockburn Hood

  • Dramatic increase in the prevalence of obesity in western

    Obesity and an increasing prevalence of associated conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease are frequently observed in Pacific populations as lifestyles become more modernized In 1978 a survey conducted in three geographically defined populations in Western Samoa showed large differe


    Western Samoa is ruled by a King as a Constitutional Monarchy The King holds office for life When he dies the Legislative Assembly will elect a head of state for a five year term Geography Climate and Population The country consists of two main islands with a land area of 283 100 hectares These small islands are located in the Pacific

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    Western Samoa was the first Pacific Island country to gain its independence In July 1997 the Constitution was amended to change the country s name from Western Samoa to Samoa officially the Independent State of Samoa Western Samoa had been known simply as Samoa in the United Nations since joining the organization in 1976

  • Western Samoa Act 1961 No 68 as at 01 April 1980

    Except where this Act otherwise provides this Act shall come into force at the hour of 11 o clock in the evening on 1 January 1962 being the time in New Zealand corresponding to the commencement of 1 January 1962 in Western Samoa that date being the date appointed by the General Assembly of the United Nations for the termination of the Trusteeship Agreement for the Territory of Western

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    Official Web Portal of the Government of Samoa PUBLIC NOTICERESTRICTED VENUES AND QUARANTINE SITES July 26 2021 Apropos the State of Emergency Orders and in ensuring that the necessary precautionary measures are strictly followed the general public is hereby advised that access to ALL COVID 19 QUARANTINE SITES is strictly prohibited

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    Hamoa the native name of Samoa means The Islands These volcanic islands are located north of New Zealand and near Fiji and Tonga Western Samoa consists of nine islands Savai`i and Upolu are the larger islands and there are a few smaller islands American Samoa is smaller Tutuila and the Manu`a Islands are part of the seven islands In 2000 the population of Western Samoa was about

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    Upolu Island Western Samoa Dec 11 2000 Island nations in the South Pacific Ocean experience natural disasters associated with typhoons and with their proximity to the Pacific Ocean s Ring of Fire This radar image shows the western end of the island of Upolu in the nation of Western Samoa Disaster managers use digital elevation models

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    Samoa s society centres around the extended family which is headed by an elected chief who directs the family s social economic and political affairs and the church which is a focus of

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    The Western Samoan islands of Savai i and Upolu make up 90 percent of the archipelagos land area and are separated from Tutuila and Aunu u Islands of American Samoa by 64 km of ocean To the east about 100 km lie Ofu Olosega and Ta u Islands Even further to the east is the tiny Rose Atoll

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    Western Samoa Samoa Library Updates Export7/26/2021 WS 104 Export Requirements Last update Jul 26 2021 Eligible Products 1 Poultry and poultry products except as indicated in the Ineligible section below Ineligible Products 1

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    Western Union agent locations near American Samoa Send money internationally money orders bill payments and prepaid services


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    The WST represented with the symbol SAT T ST or WS can be subdivided into 100 sene The Central Bank of Samoa issues and regulates the WST The country used the banknotes of New Zealand before gaining its independence In 1967 the Bank of Western Samoa issued the first tala banknotes five years after gaining independence

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    Western Samoa a state in Polynesia and a member of the British Commonwealth It occupies the western part of the Samoan Islands in the Pacific Ocean and comprises the inhabited islands of Savai i Upolu Apolima and Manono and a number of small uninhabited islands It has a total area of 2 842 sq km and its capital is Apia

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    SamoaIndependent State of Samoa The Independent State of Samoa is a country comprising a group of islands in the South Pacific Ocean Previous names were German Samoa from 1900 to 1919 and Western Samoa from 1914 to 1997 It was admitted to the United Nations on 15 December 1976 UN members as Samoa

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    SamoaSamoaHistory The following discussion focuses on Samoa since European contact For additional treatment in a regional context see Pacific Islands history of Polynesians traveling in outrigger canoes arrived in the Samoan archipelago about 1000 bce as indicated by Lapita pottery shards found in Mulifanua Lagoon on Upolu

  • Universal Suffrage in Western Samoa The 1991 General

    Universal Suffrage in Western Samoa The 1991 General Elections Universal Suffrage in Western Samoa Asofou So o Political and Social Change Research School of Pacific Studies Australian National University 1993Elections20 pages 0 Reviews

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    Samoa gained its independence from New Zealand in 1962 after more than a century of foreign influence and domination but it remains a member of the Commonwealth The country was known as Western Samoa until 1997 Its capital and main commercial centre is

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  • The land reptiles of Western Samoa

    Western Samoa 1 000 km north east of Fiji comprises two main islands Savai i and Upolu Fig 1 both of which are large each more than 1 000 km2 and high up to 1 800 m The reptiles of American Samoa were recently surveyed Amerson et al 1982 However there appear to be no published summaries of the herpetofauna of Western Samoa

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    Western Samoa Western Samoa is a group of islands that lies between Hawaii and New Zealand It is also known as Western Samoa because it occupies the western part of the Samoa Islands It is part of the Polynesian territory of islands located in the western part of the South Pacific Ocean The Samoa Islands contribute a lot to its tourism sector

  • The Influenza Epidemic of in Western Samoa

    the example of Western Samoa in R Gerard Ward ed Man in the Pacific Islands Oxford 1972 2 Mortality figures in the various islands will be discussed in more detail below s Throughout Samoa refers to Western Samoa American Samoa is always explicitly identified 4

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    1962Western Samoa becomes independent the first Pacific island nation to do so 1990Voters narrowly approve universal suffrage for parliament and

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    Welcome to Samoa Beautiful from the inside out Our warm friendly culture and breathtaking scenery makes Samoa the perfect Pacific Island destination for your next holiday or quick break Only three and a half hours flight from Auckland Samoa is renowned for its natural beauty genuine hospitality and stunning adventures