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  • How to Avoid Phthalates Even Though You Can t Avoid

    Jan 14 2013  Most plastic wraps water bottles and food containers are phthalate free But don t breathe a sigh of relief just yet Plastic wrap for instance typically contains DEHA di 2 ethylhexyl adipate which while not technically a phthalate is chemically very close to DEHP and has been associated with liver tumors in rodent studies

  • Human Health Toxicity Risk Assessment of DEHP in Medical

    1 Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing NICNAS Human Health Toxicity Risk Assessment of DEHP in Medical Devices NICNAS November 2007 llIawarra Rd MARRICKVILLE NSW 2204 GPO Box 58 SYDNEY NSW 2001 Phone 02 8577 8800 Fax 02 8577 8888

  • EVA Containers The Metrix Company

    The Secure EVA bags are not made with natural rubber latex or DEHP More reasons to feel secure The Secure TPN line of bags is composed of bags that can be filled by various TPN compounders filled by gravity or filled with syringes or single station filling devices There is a Secure bag for nearly every TPN and IV application

  • VideosPVCMed Alliance

    PVC medical recycling in Australia and New Zealand Recycling of PVC based medical devices has been ongoing in Australia and New Zealand since 2009 In the last four years the number of hospitals and healthcare facilities enrolled in the programme has grown from 25 to around 170 DEHP free future for PVC medical devices is nearing fast The

  • BD I V Sets and Accessories

    Australia België Belgique Danmark Deutschland España France Italia Nederland New Zealand Norge South Africa Suomi Sverige United Kingdom VP Series DEHP FREE light resistant infusion set with 15 µm chamber filter 70643 VP Series DEHP FREE light

  • Phthalate freeIntersurgical

    Intersurgical have developed a phthalate DEHP free range of nasal cannulae for neonates to achieve this goal What can be done about eliminating DEHP from NICU s The availability of safer alternatives to PVC products means the prudent course of action for NICU s could be to introduce DEHP/PVC free

  • Nipro Surefuser

    Nipro s Surefuser is a lightweight single use device for the safe delivery of IV administered medications that give patients the freedom to be treated anywhere Thanks to a closed system with built in safety features patients can wear Surefuser in the comfort of homean important factor in improving quality of life during treatment

  • EUA New RoHS Exemption for DEHP in Certain Rubber

    DEHP is added to rubber material as plasticizer in order to provide flexibility The rubber components are used as flexible connections between parts of engine systems and assure prevention of leakage sealing of engine parts and protection from vibration or dirt and fluids over the lifetime of the engines Currently there are no DEHP free alternatives available on the market which would

  • Amazon SpectraPremium Breast Milk Pump Accessory

    BPA/DEHP Free All Spectra pump parts that come in contact with breast milk are BPA/DEHP free giving you peace of mind about your baby s milk Important These authentic Spectra pump parts include a Spectra flange to ensure complete product satisfaction please measure nipple size and purchase the appropriately sized flange

  • DEHP Australian Red Cross Lifeblood

    DEHP containing plastics have been used in medical treatment for over 40 years with no reports of significant adverse effects Given the very slight concern of medical exposure to DEHP plastics Lifeblood is monitoring research on potential alternatives For now though these plasticisers are necessary because they greatly improve the strength

  • DEHP free consumables Why is this important I Blog arcomed

    Aug 22 2017  DEHP free consumables Why is this important Di 2 ethylhexyl phthalate or DEHP is a synthetic chemical belonging to a family known as phthalates which is used to make plastics more flexible One of these plastics polyvinyl chloride

  • CODAN Infusion Sets Infusion Management Products

    The Drip SWAN infusion sets developed by CODAN are equipped with an integrated needle free injection adapter at the drip chamber in order to be able to add medication via syringe or a secondary line directly into the drip chamber The CODAN Guard drip chamber has been developed by CODAN to provide an even more user friendly infusion handling

  • Infusion Therapy ICU Medical

    Focused and committed to helping you deliver excellence in IV therapy Since IV therapy is our only business meeting your IV needs with quality products and consistent supply is our only concern We are 100 focused on bringing you intuitive patient centric IV products and services that provide meaningful clinical differentiation consistent

  • DEHP free consumables Why is this important I Blog arcomed

    Aug 22 2017  DEHP free consumables Why is this important Di 2 ethylhexyl phthalate or DEHP is a synthetic chemical belonging to a family known as phthalates which is used to make plastics more flexible One of these plastics polyvinyl chloride or PVC is widely used in medical applications IV infusion medication bags IV lines catheters blood bags

  • Nipro Australia Pty Ltd Responsive Medical Health

    Nipro manufactures a full range of custom made blood line sets designed to meet the individual needs and specifications of our users Sets are designed to fit all types of dialysers and dialysis equipment with enhancement of safety and efficiency always in mind Nipro s strict control over each manufacturing step from plastic formulation to

  • Medical devicesPVCMed Alliance

    DEHP free plasticisers available for medical applications In order to make the PVC material soft and flexible plasticisers US plasticizers are added As all medical devices PVC medical equipment with any plasticiser is subject to stringent pre and post market control and evaluation procedures to ensure safety and performance

  • 3M Bair Hugger 241 Fluid Warming Set DEHP Free Model

    Australia All 3M Products Medical Temperature Management Warming Units Warming Unit Accessories 3M Bair Hugger 241 Fluid Warming Set DEHP Free Model 24110 Close Bair Hugger Ranger 241 Blood and Fluid Warming Set 24110 Item 1 of 1 3M Bair Hugger 241 Fluid Warming Set DEHP Free Model 24110

  • Neonatal Tracheostomy Tubes Pediatric Medtronic

    DEHP Free Shiley tracheostomy solutions meet the latest safety standards offering tubes that are manufactured with a non phthalate citric based plasticizer material Soft clear neck flange The Shiley tube s clear flange allows for enhanced visualization of the

  • freeflex Fresenius Kabi Canada

    100 PVC DEHP and latex free bag Self sealing septum in the infusion port to help prevent free flow upon disconnection Protective sterile overwrap whereby sterility is maintained until bag is opened Rigid infusion and injection ports All bag sizes can be used in pressure cuffs 300mmHg for up to 3 days Tamper evident ports with a sterile

  • Phthalate freeIntersurgical

    The availability of safer alternatives to PVC products means the prudent course of action for NICU s could be to introduce DEHP/PVC free products Plasma phthalate levels in pubertal gynecomastia Use of di 2 ethylhexyl phthalate containing medical products and urinary levels of mono 2 ethylhexyl phthalate in neonatal intensive care unit

  • ECG EKG Electrodes Cardinal Health

    A variety of tab electrode designs to accommodate virtually all resting ECG applications Conductive adhesive hydrogel for excellent adhesion and clear reliable tracings Silver/Silver Chloride Ag/AgCl sensing system is defibrillation recoverable Variety of shapes sizes and substrates to accommodate different skin types and applications

  • Baxter 2B8014Empty Viaflex Plastic Containr 1000ml 48

    Baxter 2B8014Empty Viaflex Plastic Containr 1000ml 48/CS Empty INTRAVIA Container Sterile nonpyrogenic fluid path 1000 mL Sterile Nonpyrogenic fluid path use only with medications that are compatible with each other mix thoroughly

  • Phthalates Are They Safe WebMD

    Three of them BBP DBP and DEHP are permanently banned from toys and products intended to help children under 3 sleep eat teethe or suck DBP and DEHP damage the reproductive systems of lab

  • DEHP in children s plastic items Product Safety Australia

    Nov 29 2015  About DEHP DEHP is a chemical identified by the unique Chemical Abstract Service CAS Number It is also known as diethylhexyl phthalate di 2 ethylhexyl phthalate and bis 2 ethylhexyl phthalate DEHP is a commonly used plasticiser that is used to make plastics such as polyvinyl chloride PVC soft and flexible

  • Unomedical Drain Bag Se3 2000ml Dehp Free 110cm Tube

    Estimated delivery within 1 to 5 business days Location VIC View Stock 1 30 Stock Code UNOMEDICAL DRAIN BAG SE3 2000ml NON STERILE DEHP FREE 110cm TUBE PUSH PULL TAP 37 206 0 20 More EA 1 Unit 1 30

  • 2021 RoHS Compliance Guide Regulations 10 Substances

    Jul 22 2019  EU RoHS specifies maximum levels for the following 10 restricted substances The first six applied to the original RoHS while the last four were added under RoHS 3 which took effect July 22 2019 Cadmium Cd < 100 ppm Lead Pb < 1000 ppm Mercury Hg < 1000 ppm

  • Kangaroo Gravity Feeding Bags Covidien

    Manufactured by Cardinal Health the Kangaroo Enteral Feeding Pump Bags provide a selection of 1000 mL feeding bag sets in sterile or non sterile options An additional option for the Kangaroo Enteral Feeding Pump Bags is a large bore Gravity Feeding Set with DEHP free parts Safe enteral connection system Lightweight and compact

  • Phthalates Analysis

    Phthalates Analysis Phthalates testing and analysis in plastics and polymers including a wide range of products such as cosmetics toys and food contact materials Phthalates is a softening and flexibility inducing group of chemical esters in products and their levels are of ongoing concern due to their wide usage in our everyday products

  • IV Sets ICU Medical

    Get access to Clave IV connector technology in an extensive portfolio of procedure ready sets ICU Medical invented the first safety IV connector and has maintained technology leadership with the clinically preferred 1 Clave design available in an extensive portfolio of infusion therapy sets Whether it s a general infusion anesthesia or specialty sets for the NICU and PICU we can help

  • DEHP in plastic items Product Safety Australia

    There is a risk of reproductive toxicity for children up to 36 months of age if they were to chew and suck objects containing DEHP for more than 40 minutes per day There is a permanent ban on plastic toys childcare articles and eating vessels and utensils intended for children aged up to 36 months that contain or have an accessible

  • Healthcare Free Full Text Phthalates and Their Impacts

    Australia also banned certain products that contained more than 1 of DEHP and could be chewed or sucked by children up to and including 36 months of age This ban also applied to food vessels and utensils besides toys and childcare articles


    1ml Luer Slip Tip LATEX FREE DEHP FREE NO PHALATES Latex Free We want to explain as best we can how we operate to prevent any misunderstandings Double Seal Ring We list products in good faith and advertise our products based on the Manufacturers claims and

  • DEHP/DHP Labeling Requirements TGA

    Apr 29 2019  Dear All We are supplying medical devices which contains PVC that uses plasticiser containing DEHP We are supplying products in Australia/NZ that contains PVC product such as tubing and face mask We are aware that its requirement for EU to put DEHP/PHT symbol

  • Plastics used for food storage and cancer cancer myth

    In the European Union six phthalates including DEHP di 2 ethylhexyl phthalate have been banned from use in children s toys 6 Similarly in Australia the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission ACCC introduced a permanent ban on children s plastic products with more than 1 per cent DEHP

  • Phthalate free DEHP nasal cannulaIntersurgical

    The Phthalate DEHP free range of nasal cannula has been designed to address the concerns of neonatal exposure to DEHP in premature infants and newborns requiring intensive care in a neonatal unit Phthalate Free Nasal Cannula Flyer Issue 3 Please send us your inquiry and we ll make sure the right person gets back to you as soon as possible

  • BD PhaSeal SystemBD

    The BD PhaSeal system is a closed system drug transfer device CSTD that has been demonstrated to prevent exposure to hazardous drugs from drug preparation to IV administration It is an airtight leakproof system that utilizes a membrane to membrane technology It mechanically prohibits the transfer of environmental contaminants into the system and the escape of drug or vapor