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  • Setra 264 Low Differential Pressure Transducer

    Setra s 264 is the paradigm for very low differential pressure measurement Critical to applications in HVAC building automation healthcare and pharmaceutical facilities the 264 low differential pressure transducer has held a steadfast reputation for reliability and consistency for over two decades

  • Pressure Transducer Products Durham Instruments

    EPB Pressure Sensor Probe EPB is a small pressure probe sensor small profile stainless steel flush mount transducer designed for general media EPB is offered in pressure ranges from 0 5 to 5000 psi 0 0 35 to 350 bar vented sealed and absolute pressure

  • A Field Guide to Understanding Pressure Transducers

    Inductive Pressure Transducer An inductive pressure transducer uses the principle of inductance to convert the flexing of a diaphragm into the linear movement of a ferromagnetic core The movement of the core is used to vary the induced current generated by an AC powered primary coil on another secondary pick up coil

  • Pressure Transducers sensors and sensing equipment

    General Purpose Pressure Transducers with Adjustable Zero Span PX603 PX613 PX605 PX615 This series has a thin film design for excellent long term stability with adjustable zero and span available in several output and connection options

  • TransmittersCurrent To Pressure Transducer

    Fisher Current to Pressure Transducer Condition sold as is May not be in original box Model 846 D M 1 H 1 1 6 Input 4 20 MADC Output 5 33 PSI

  • High Accuracy Pressure TransducerMensor

    CPT6100 and CPT6180 Precision Pressure TransducerApplications The CPT6100 and 6180 Precision Pressure Transducers are general purpose high accuracy pressure transducer designed to deliver accurate pressure measurement via RS 232 or RS 485 in a query/response mode The CPT6100 can be purchased with range from 0 0 36 psig to psig or 0 7 5 psia to 0 6015 psia

  • Water Pressure Transducers for Water Pipe/Tank/Well

    Jul 24 2019  Pressure Transducers and Water Pipe Pressure Measurement Water pressure transducers also called a water pressure sensor are pressure transmitters that can measure water pipe pressure For the water level/water depth measurement in the tank or in the well we can use electrical transmitters stainless steel body IP65 IP6 4 20ma output

  • Pressure transducers Thermon Africa

    Industrial pressure transducers and transmitters by Gefran measure fluid liquid or gas pressure in all industrial applications Thanks to highly stable electronic components pressure transmitters can be also used in applications requiring long distance signal transmission or in smart control systems


    PRESSURE TRANSDUCER MPVZ5010GW60 Item description See Price 40 25 Availability In Stock Category Parts Item condition new >Product # Price subject to change Add to cart Item special order Category Parts Share your opinion Manufacturer

  • Pressure TransducersPlatt Electric Supply

    SXXPG2M11AD SETRA PRESSURE TRANSDUCER 24VDC 0 100PSI 1/4NPT PRESS URE FITTING 1/2 CONDUIT FITT ING WITH 6 CORD END 4 20MA OUTPUT Show More Monitoring Logic Devices Pressure Transducers Pressure TransducersIndustrial Duty Call for Price Call for Availability Co Wide 0 in Cart

  • Pressure Transducers element14 India

    Pressure Sensor MEMS Air 0 to 50 C 37 kPa Voltage Gauge Hose Tube 100 µA OMRON You previously purchased this product View in Order History Each 1 Rs 331 82 Restricted Item This item has been restricted for purchase by your company s administrator

  • Pressure Sensors Instrumart

    Rosemount 4600 Oil Gas Panel Pressure Transmitter The Rosemount 4600 is a compact reliable transmitter designed to meet your panel mount pressure measurement needs Starting at 1 755 82 Druck TERPS RPS/DPS 8200/8300 Pressure Sensor

  • Transducers Pressure Suppliers Traders Manufacturers

    At Instronline we list Suppliers Traders Authorized Distributors Manufacturers Dealers in India and abroad of Transducers FAIRCHILD Lock in Place I/P Pressure Transducers T6100 FAIRCHILD Fast Response E/P I/P Pressure Transducers T5200 FAIRCHILD Fast Response High Flow E/P I/P Pressure Transducers T5220 FAIRCHILD Adjustable Ratio E/P I/P Pressure Transducer

  • Pressure Transducers McMaster Carr

    Measure your equipment s pressure and send the data directly to a development board or single board computer Also known as transducers these transmitters convert pressure into an electrical I 2 C signal and transmit it to your board

  • Pressure Transmitters PressureTransducers Pressure

    EST330 Reliable Industrial Piezoresistive Pressure Transmitters EST330F Flush Diaphragm Pressure Transmitters EST330V Millivolt output pressure transducer EST383 Thin Film Pressure Transmitters for Construction Machinery EST3110 Air Compressor Pressure Transmitters EST3120 Refrigeration Pressure Transducers EST3122 Heat Pump Pressure

  • Submersible Pressure TransducersTank Level Installation

    Submersible pressure transducers are cost effective offer excellent compatibility with liquids do not have issues regarding reflection or foaming and can offer low current consumption for battery powered applications Fresh water diesel fuel tanks and chemical totes all use submersible pressure transducers for level monitoring

  • Transducers for Lab ScopesAESwave

    Details Pressure Pro Pressure Transducer Kit AES# ats PTR3000 1 695 00 46 mo Add to Cart Details Pressure Waveform Acquisition and Analysis from

  • pressure transducer eBay

    Related vacuum pressure transducer 5v pressure transducer pressure transducer 100psi pressure transducer 300 psi pressure transducer 4 20ma differential pressure transducer 3000 psi pressure transducer pressure transducer scope pressure transducer 200 psi low pressure transducer pressure transducer 5000 psi snap on pressure transducer

  • Pressure Transducers Controls Group

    Featuring fully sealed stainless steel pressure chambers and diaphragms The transducer use a full Wheatstone bridge circuit The 50 Q50/PT model mainly used for compression testing frames is supplied complete with U shaped metal protection

  • Search for pressure transducers KYOWA

    35 rows  The PVL is a voltage output pressure transducer with a built in amplifier It is strong against noise 2 types are available PVL A/B is a cable integrated one and PVL C/D a connector equipped one PVL B/D output 0 to 5 V and PVL A/C output 1 to 5 V Rated Capacity 500 kPa to 50 MPa

  • Pressure Transducers and Transmitters Archives Validyne

    P55 General Purpose Pressure Transducer and Transmitter Rugged DP transmitter For liquid or gas service 4 20 mA Two wire VDC Full Scale Ranges from 2 22 inH2O to 10 KPsi Excellent temperature characteristics NEMA 4 Housing 0 25 0 1 or better accuracy Now available in 316SS and Inconel

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    Pressure Transmitters and Transducers Emerson USemersonWhat is a Pressure Transducer omegaHigh Accuracy Pressure TransducerMensormensorPressure Transducers Honeywellsps honeywellRecommended to you based on what s popular Feedback

  • Pressure Transducers sensors and sensing equipment

    PX276 The PX276 is a duct pressure transducer and static 8 pressure probe integrated as one unit with to 3 field selectable ranges with a 4 20 output in ranges 0

  • Pressure Transducers Controls Group

    Pressure transducers are used for the measurement of cell pressure back pressure pore pressure water or air They have to be connected to triaxial cells by the suitable De airing block See accessories The transducers are base on the extensimetric measurement

  • Pressure Sensors Transmitters Products Durham

    The AST43LP is a low pressure Class I Division 2 stainless steel pressure transmitter pressure transducer for use in hazardous areas In addition to its rugged construction and the best price to performance ratio in the industry the AST43LP is

  • PXD 261 Pressure TransducerIn Situ

    The PXD 261 Pressure Transducer measures water pressure with 4 20 mA output for easy connection with data loggers and controllers This durable water pressure sensor is available in vented gauged pressure ranges up to 576 ft 175 m or non vented absolute pressure ranges up to 231 ft 70 m

  • Pressure Transducers and Transmitters

    A pressure transducer often called a pressure transmitter is a transducer that converts pressure into an analog electrical signal Although there are various types of pressure transducers one of the most common is the strain gage base transducer The conversion of pressure into an electrical signal is achieved by the physical deformation of strain gages which are bonded into the diaphragm of

  • Pressure Transducers/Transmitters from Component Distributors

    PRESSURE SENSOR LIMITED s model PSC312 Pressure Transducer was developed for all types of industrial applications The design is based on high temperature inorganically bonded media isolated piezoresistive technology that offers reliable and accurate

  • Pressure Transducers Honeywell

    Pressure differential pressure sensors in either silicon based or foil based strain gage technology perfect for many types of applications High pressure transducers 50000 psi to 100000 psi AE F 250 C port 0 5 accuracy Custom 465 Stainless steel wetted material

  • Pressure Switch V S Pressure Transducer what s the

    Dec 31 2016  Pressure transmitter Output signal is current loop such as 4 20mA or 0 20mA which can be transmitted over very long distances with same current flow in all parts of the loop Pressure transducer Output signal is voltage sometime mill volt such as 0 10Vdc 0/1 5Vdc 8 24Vdc/ac 11 30Vdc/ac etc however we d admit volt drops and

  • Ashcroft Pressure Transmitters and Transducers

    Ashcroft pressure transducers transmitters have earned a reputation for dependability as a mainstay in the marketplace Ashcroft pressure transducers transmitters are offered in a wide assortment of pressure ranges and other specifications Industrial Pressure Transmitters A2 A2X A4 A2 Heavy industrial pressure transmitter

  • Buy Pressure Transducers/Transmitters at Wolf Automation

    a k a pressure transmitter pressure transducer The basics A pressure transmitter or transducer measures pressure and sends a signal of the specific pressure value to a remote location They can measure pressure in industrial equipment or machinery and alert someone if levels are off

  • P499 Series Electronic Pressure Transducers Product

    system pressure stabilized measure the pressure at the transducer with an accurate and reliable gauge This is the measured pressure P 2 Determine the maximum Pmax and minimum Pmin pressure values for the transducer s pressure range See Table 3 Table 4 or Table 5 3 Measure the voltage between Supply red wire and Common

  • DyniscoMelt Pressure Transducers

    Model PT462EM10 melt pressure transducer utilizes a small 6mm sensing element for space restricted areas making it the ideal choice for small extruders and rheometers Model PT462EM10 incorporates an 18 flexible stem to isolate the electronics housing from the high process temperatures More information on PT462E M10 Series

  • 4 20mA Voltage Pressure Transducer AST4000 Series TE

    The AST4000 series 4 20mA voltage pressure transducer with its welded stainless steel housing and many electrical connections can be packaged for virtually any OEM pressure transducer application The AST4000 series 4 20mA voltage pressure transducer remains the most popular pressure transmitter configuration and can be used in virtually

  • Low Cost Pressure Transducers Low Cost for OEM s

    Low Cost Pressure Transducers Within our line of budget minded pressure transducers we ve established a greater standard for high performance at a low cost From standard wired pressure transducers using piezoresistance technology in an all stainless steel body to lightweight wireless pressure transducers making equipment monitoring easier than ever our low cost pressure transducers